Cheap Preschool Supplies – Our Favorites from Amazon & The Dollar Tree

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Hey guys! Today I wanted to share some of my favorite resources for some great, cheap preschool supplies. I have found so many budget-friendly items that we love, so I thought I’d compile some of our favorites here for you!

Cheap Preschool Supplies - Our Favorites from Amazon & The Dollar Tree

Just a quick rundown of the things that I think you need to get started with preschool at home-

Some basic storage for your supplies
Basic school & art supplies (think what they would need at school for kindergarten)
A few workbooks- letters, numbers, etc.. or flash cards
Books! Lots and lots of fun picture books.

Cheap Preschool Supplies - Our Favorites from Amazon & The Dollar Tree

I absolutely love the dollar tree for workbooks, since they are only $1, I have no problems using them right up. You can also get yourself an inexpensive laminator and laminate these pages. Then, a nice dry erase marker set means you can use them again and again!

Amazon has a few great workbooks, too.
Preschool Scholar Ages 3-5 (this is what we are currently using)
Big Preschool Workbook
Letter Tracing Ages 3-5
Number Tracing Ages 3-5
Preschool Practice Scissor Skills

I also love investing in the Wipe Clean Books – same benefits as laminating, without all the work!
Wipe Clean First Words
Wipe Clean Letters
Pre-K Wipe Clean Workbook
Wipe Clean Early Learning Activity Book

Cheap Preschool Supplies - Our Favorites from Amazon & The Dollar Tree

The Dollar Tree is a great resource for Flash Cards! Here are a couple they show online, but I’ve found all different kinds, just like these pictured that I found in store at my Dollar Tree.

Crayola Flash Cards: Colors, Phonics, Numbers & Visual Discrimination
Playskool Flash Cards: First Words, Numbers, Letters, & Colors

There’s also a great selection of flash cards on Amazon.

Cheap Preschool Supplies - Our Favorites from Amazon & The Dollar Tree

The dollar tree is my absolute favorite place for storage container items. I was able to score some of these longer flat baskets for organizing activities for the day, and this great caddy we can take to the table that holds a few supplies. They have every size and variety of storage container you could ever want.

I have shared our learning setups a few times, but once again I am planning to grab one of these cubeical storage units for our Preschool area (aka our kitchen). Amazon has some great, really low price fabric bins for the cubeical units, and the dollar tree gets some occasionally, but there aren’t any at my store currently.

Cheap Preschool Supplies - Our Favorites from Amazon & The Dollar Tree

Next, here are some great learning games that my son loves. I usually save up my Swagbucks gift cards to purchase these for him. These are two of his favorites, Mini Muffin Match Up, and Sneaky Squirrel.

Here are some more great ideas-
Rainbow Counting Bears
Farmer’s Market Color Sorting
Smart Counting Cookies Set
Visual Early Math Toy

Finally, just for fun, here are a few of my preschooler’s FAVORITE books in case you need a place to start!

That’s it guys! I hope you have gotten some ideas for what you need for preschooling at home, and maybe even some activity ideas! Stay tuned, I’ll be sharing our preschool plans for March soon!

Cheap Preschool Supplies - our favorites from Amazon & The Dollar Tree!


  1. YESS!! I get all of my Preschool supplies from the dollar store. They have everything. If you don’t want to laminate, a little trick I use is to buy page protectors and just cut out the pages and put them in a binder. The dry erase marker will work just as well.

  2. I adore dollar tree! I actually have quite a few of the mentioned products. It really is the best place to get flashcards and those workbooks because they are so inexpensive!

  3. There are so many inexpensive options out there. Which is so great when you are looking for stuff to help you teach your preschooler!

    1. I just love the Dollar Tree for items like this. I have found so many good things there that were cheap and so useful! Lots of crates, bins, boxes, etc. I love their mailing supplies, too!

  4. My daughter always loves playing teacher with my 3 year old. I’ll have to check my Dollar Tree for those $1 workbooks. I never thought of laminating them to make them reusable – great idea!

  5. These are such great products for kids! Perfect to whip out on a winter weekend when playing outside is just not an option, or even before bedtime! Definitely need to stock up on the ones you shared in this post!

  6. These supplies are great! My mom would “summer school” us with stuff like this and it made going back to school so much easier.

  7. I (and my kids ) love those wipe away books and can spend hours on them. Those baskets are just the most practical, for all sorts of things. I like the idea of separating the day’s activities by basket.

  8. It’s really amazing how many things that you can get at the Dollar Tree. We have been there a few times for things to do over the summer and breaks.

  9. This is really great! I have a dollar tree that isn’t too far from me but I rarely go to unless I’m in the area so Im going to make a special trip over there to see if I can find some goodies!

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