Fall Playdough Activities for Kids

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We love playdough, whether we are making our own homemade playdough or using the store bought kind, my boys do playdough just about every week in some form or another. There are so many things you can do with playdough, and we really love making fun seasonal scented doughs, too. I have shared our favorite Fall playdough recipes, plus some fun printable playdough mats you can use, too. Today I’m sharing a ton of great playdough ideas for Fall from recipes to printables to invitations to play and other fun Fall playdough activities.

Fall Playdough Activities for Kids

Playdough Recipes

These playdough recipes are fun and Fall inspired. There are many different ways to make playdough, and these are some of our favorites. The possibilities are endless when you make your own dough.

Fall Inspired Playdough Mats

Playdough mats are easy to print and create a fun seasonal activity around your playdough. Here are several cute options. From apple orchards to pumpkin patches. Kids can get creative with these mats and early learners can work on number recognition, early math and literacy skills, and more.

Fall Playdough Mats

Fun printable Fall playdough mats.

Fall Invitation to Play Ideas

I am obsessed with invitation to play playdough ideas, here are some of the best Fall ideas we’ve found. I love how easy these are to put together, and they keep my boys entertained for hours sometimes.

Fall Invitation to Play Ideas

Fun Fall invitation to play ideas. Pumpkin, apple, and farm invitation to play activities for Fall.

The Best Fall Playdough Accessories

There are so many fun Fall playdough accessories you can get, I love purchasing things I know we can use over and over.

For starters, if you are making your own DIY playdough, you’ll want some storage containers so you can reuse your playdough for a couple of days. Then, I recommend a set of basic playdough tools to play with.

Some things you can add for a fun playdough experience are-

Then, for Fall I love these fall cookie cutters. You can get halloween cookie cutters, thanksgiving cookie cutters, and basically any theme you want.

Fall Playdough Activities

Finally, here are even more fall playdough activities that your little ones might enjoy.

Fall Playdough Activity Ideas

Fun activities to do with Fall themed playdough.

Premade Fall Playdough Kits

Did you know you can get premade Fall playdough kits? Skip the prep work and get some of these adorable kits that are ready to play with.

Fall Playdough Kits

Our favorite fun premade Fall playdough kits on Etsy!

I hope you got some great Fall playdough activity ideas for your kiddos. Be sure to sign up for my email list so you never miss another fun post full of ways to get creative with your kids.

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