Free Printable Valentines Class Gifts Toppers

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Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. While my husband and I don’t always celebrate with over the top gifts, it is so much fun putting together small, festive gifts for him, for my son’s class at school, for my girlfriends, and more. I have two fun gifting ideas for you today- one for your favorite Galentines and two adorable printables to create classroom gifts with. You’ll love these printable Valentines class gifts, plus one for your friends, too!

Free Printable Valentines Class Gifts Toppers

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Plus, sandwich baggies, and tape or a stapler. And, of course NEW HERSHEY® Lava Cake KISSES chocolates!  They go perfectly with the lava/volcano & dinosaur theme of these printables.  You can find them at Walmart, the one-stop shop for all things Valentine’s Day!

Free Printable Valentines Class Gifts Toppers

These HERSHEY® Lava Cake KISSES chocolates have the normal Kisses outside, with a melty “lava” center. They go great with these lava and melting themed printables I created.

Free Printable Valentines Class Gifts Toppers

These are so simple to make. Once you have your printables printed out and cut out of the paper, you’ll just need as many sandwich bags as Valentines you want to make. You’ll add a handful of HERSHEY® Lava Cake KISSES chocolates to each bag. Seal the bag, and then fold the top of the bag over, about 1 inch. Add a piece of tape or staple to hold it in place. Fold your printables in half, and then add them to the top of each bag. You can tape the sides to keep them on, or staple them.

Free Printable Valentines Class Gifts Toppers

With just a little prep, you’ve got adorable Valentine’s for your little Valentine’s class.

Free Printable Valentines Class Gifts Toppers

Next up, I have another fun gift idea for your Galentines, because Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to celebrate your friends who are always there for you.

For this gift idea, you’ll just need this Happy Galentine’s Day printable, plus a box of your Galentine’s favorite chocolates. We went with classic HERSHEY® chocolates for this gift, too. They come in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel. You can pick whichever variety your Galentine likes best.

This gift is super simple- you’ll just print out your printable and use some fun, festive washi tape to attach it to your box.

There you have it- gifting doesn’t get much easier than that. I hope you enjoyed the free printable Valentines class gifts toppers and the Galentines tag, too!

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It doesn’t get much sweeter than these gifts for Valentine’s Day.

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