Easter Basket Hunt Idea with Printable Clues!

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Easter is right around the corner! We have some fun things cooked up and today I wanted to share this Easter Basket Hunt idea and give you guys some free printables that you can use to do your own hunt this year! I’m also going to be sharing some of my best Easter basket tips and how to pull the whole thing off.

Easter Basket Hunt with Printable Clues

Okay so here’s the idea of the hunt- they get their first clue, which leads to the next, and so on until they find their Easter basket. This is a fun twist on what we think of as the traditional Easter egg hunt, and you could even incorporate that into this idea as well for a really fun Easter tradition.

You’ll want to print these basket hunt clues to start.

Easter Basket Hunt with Printable Clues

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Then, you just trim them off the page and you are ready to go. You can give them the first clue, or post it somewhere they can find, like on the refrigerator, for example.

Easter Basket Hunt with Printable Clues

This clue is going to tell them where to begin their hunt.

Easter Basket Hunt with Printable Clues

Then you just place the next clues down in their order, until the last clue which is going to lead them to the location of their basket.

Easter Basket Hunt with Printable Clues

You can put these in any order you like with the exception of the first and last clues. Think about how your home is laid out and arrange it so that they don’t accidentally come across the basket before they find their last clue. You can also skip any cards that don’t apply to your home (such as the fire place).

Easter Basket Hunt with Printable Clues

This is a fun way to really build the excitement around finding where the bunny has hidden their basket!

Now, for a few tips on building the perfect basket!

Easter Basket Hunt with Printable Clues

The first step is selecting a basket! I try to find a more neutral colored basket that I may be able to re-use or re-purpose around the home. Last year my boys’ baskets were re-purposed for storage in their rooms. I love this basket and it would make an adorable base for a faux flower arrangement for Spring!

You can find lots of different baskets on Amazon, here.

Then, you want to pick out some fun basket “grass” and some cute accents. I picked out this paper grass in different shades of green, and a cute bow and chalkboard bunny tag for the name.

Easter Basket Hunt with Printable Clues

Then, pick out the best candy. These Easter candy “canes” are always a big hit at our house- pick whatever candy your little one loves.

We also try to include some non-candy items in our baskets.

Easter Basket Hunt with Printable Clues

Some other things you could include-

  • Books
  • Coloring/Activity Books
  • Board games
  • Toys (especially outdoor toys for Spring and Summer)
  • Clothes
  • New hygiene items

The possibilities are endless, but we really like getting them something that they will continue to use far past Easter.

Your Easter will sure be a hit this year with these basket tips and this fun Easter Basket hunt idea! Have you ever done an Easter basket hunt? How did it go? Tell us in the comments!

Easter Basket Hunt with Printable Clues

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  1. We have an egg hunt, but the baskets are left where the kids can see them in the living room. Once they are open, they hunt for eggs.

  2. Every kid loves a good egg hunt and this makes it even more fun and special. My kids would get a kick out of this. We already had our egg hunt so I’ll save this for next year!

  3. This is such a brilliant idea! It is great to keep the kids busy on Easter Morning! I think I will definitely be using this idea this year for my kids too! Happy Easter!

  4. We are having an Easter egg hunt on Saturday! I will use these because my goodness they are too cute and fun!!!

  5. This is such a fun idea for the kids! I’m sure they’ll have a blast looking for their basket! It’s really nice to come up with activities like this for them.

  6. I remember some friends of mine parents would create a little Easter basket hunt for them when we were kids. I always thought it was such a creative idea.

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