Hot Butterbeer Recipe

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If you are looking for your new favorite warm drink for the Winter time, look no further. This Hot Butterbeer recipe is a delicious hot drink that is perfect for sipping on cold nights, or even substituting your morning coffee, minus the caffeine, of course. Kids and adults alike love this recipe, and if you are having a Harry Potter movie marathon, it’s the perfect drink to enjoy and bring some of the magic of Hogwarts home.

 Why you’ll love this Harry Potter Hot Butterbeer

  • You can enjoy this hot variation of Harry Potter butterbeer right at home. You’ll feel like you are visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter while you enjoy this warm drink- no Universal Studios required.
  • If you have little Harry Potter fans, they will love this warm butterbeer full of butterscotch flavor.

Homemade Hot Butterbeer Recipe


  • Milk
  • Brown Sugar
  • Butter
  • Cream Soda
  • Butterscotch sauce
  • Optional whipped cream and extra butterscotch syrup for topping


Get it melty- To a medium sauce pan, add butter, brown sugar, and milk. Heat over medium heat, until the butter is melted and the mixture is steamy. The brown sugar should also be dissolved.

Add the butterscotch and soda- Add the butterscotch sauce and cream soda. Heat for just a couple minutes more to warm everything through.

Divide it- Pour the mixture into two mugs, and top with your desired toppings- whipped cream and butterscotch sauce are what we used.

Hot Butterbeer Tips & FAQs

What is Butterbeer actually made of?

Butterbeer is a popular fictional beverage from the Harry Potter series, and while the exact recipe is never disclosed in the book, there are a few pretty spot on interpretations for what this would taste like, especially since you can try it for yourself when you visit the Wizarding World at Universal Studios. Many have reverse engineered the flavors, and most recipes include a few staples, like cream soda, butterscotch syrup, and whipped cream on top. 

Is Butterbeer Alcoholic?

In its traditional form, Harry Potter’s Butterbeer is not alcoholic. However, many adults today who grew up with the Harry Potter series have created variations with alcohol to enjoy. This recipe does not include alcohol and is 100% family friendly, however, you can try this recipe for boozy hot butterbeer for a more adult version.

Is Butterbeer better warm or cold?

 There is a great debate among Harry Potter fans about whether Butterbeer is better served warm or cold. Some argue that the warm version of this iconic wizarding beverage brings out the butterscotch and cream flavors. Others swear by the cold version, claiming that the bubbly and refreshing qualities of cold Butterbeer make it the ideal choice for sipping on a hot summer day or while wandering around Diagon Alley. Ultimately, the preference for warm or cold Butterbeer comes down to personal taste and the occasion. The next time you find yourself at The Three Broomsticks or The Leaky Cauldron, be sure to try both versions and decide for yourself which one is truly better.

Can I use caramel instead of butterscotch?

Yes! That is first up on our substitutions list, if you can’t get your hands on butterscotch sauce or syrup, caramel is a close second. You’ll be missing some of the traditional buttery flavor of the butterscotch, but you’ll still end up with a tasty treat.

Substitutions & Tips

  • You can use butterscotch or caramel in this recipe, their flavors are similar. Sometimes butterscotch sauce can be hard to locate, so caramel is a great substitute- think ice cream topping, that’s usually the area in the store you’ll find it.
  • If you can’t find it, or just want to use what you have on hand, root beer can be subbed for the cream soda. It’s not AS GOOD in this recipe, but it can be done.

Other Easy Harry Potter Recipes

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Yield: 2 servings

Hot Butterbeer Recipe

Hot Butterbeer Recipe

Experience the magic of Hogwarts at home with our Hot Butterbeer Recipe! Indulge in the warm, comforting blend of butterscotch, cream soda, and a hint of magic with this enchanting drink. Whether you're a wizard, witch, or Muggle, this cozy beverage is perfect for winter nights and festive gatherings.

Prep Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes


  • 2 cups milk
  • 2 tbsp. Brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp. Butter
  • 1 (12 oz.) can of cream soda
  • 2 tbsp. Butterscotch sauce
  • Optional: Whipped cream and extra butterscotch sauce for topping


    1. To a medium saucepan, add butter, brown sugar, and milk.
    2. Heat over medium heat, until steamy, butter is melted, and brown sugar is dissolved.
    3. Add butterscotch sauce and cream soda, and heat for just a couple minutes more until everything is thoroughly heated through.
    4. Pour into two mugs, and if desired, top with whipped cream and additional butterscotch sauce.

Nutrition Information:



Serving Size:


Amount Per Serving: Calories: 452

Nutrition information isn’t always accurate.

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