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Planning for Summer

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I have been digging in this week and doing some planning for Summer. My son’s last day of Pre-K is Friday, so he’ll officially be on Summer break until Kindergarten starts in August. As my boys get older, they get a little bit crazier as you coop them up together in the house. This is the main reason I want to have a plan for the Summer and know what we are doing so that we can have fun and enjoy the break from school.

I also posted a video on Youtube showing these printables, here, if you want to check that out!

Planning for Summer

Planning for Summer

I made some fun printables that you can print, as well, to plan out your own Summer. Scroll down to sign up for my email list. You’ll get access to all of my free printables, including these!

Here’s how I am planning for Summer with these printables-

Daily Themes

I love doing daily themes- I mentioned in my video that I work from home, and I’m designating Tuesday and Thursday as full work days. We’ll do an activity here at home, such as a craft or cooking. Then, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we can do an activity out of the house, such as the library, the park, or even the Zoo. We love our Zoo membership and it is one of our favorite places. So, our themed days will look like this-

Monday | Park
Tuesday | Craft
Wednesday | Library
Thursday| Cook Something
Friday | Take a Trip

This is helpful, because my son will know every day what to expect, and he won’t have to ask me once, or a hundred times a day what we’re doing today or what we’re doing tomorrow. He really likes to know what is going on, so this will be great for him.

Here are some more theme ideas-

  • Make Something Monday- crafts
  • Taste Something Tuesday- food
  • Wander Somewhere Wednesday- visit somewhere fun
  • Thoughtful Thursday- acts of kindness
  • Family Fun Friday- do something as a family!
  • Make It Monday- crafts, food.
  • Take a Trip Tuesday- go somewhere fun.
  • Water Wednesday- play in the sprinkler or visit a splash pad.
  • Thoughtful Thursday- do an act of kindness.
  • Friend Friday- play dates, and more!

Summer Chores

Granted, my son is only 5, but there are definitely a lot of things he can do around the house, and I plan to make him a simple chore list for each day that he’ll have to complete before he can have electronics. He likes to do things like picking up around the house- laundry that gets left on the floor, etc, he helps with laundry by emptying the dryer for me so I can move the laundry over from the washer. He will put away dishes, and of course he will pick up toys and keep his own room clean, so those are the little things I’ll have him do. Here is a great post on age-appropriate chores, with some printable chore cards, too!

Summer Bucket List

This is pretty self explanatory, but for this printable I’ll sit down with my son and talk to him about things he would like to do this Summer and we will make our own family bucket list.

Savvy Southern Belle has a Summer bucket list printable– with suggestions!

Go here to sign up for my email list & download the printables-

Planning for Summer

You can also break your “themes” down by week, too. For example, I know that for Shark week I want to have them do activities about Sharks, maybe check out Shark books from the library, etc…  so I’m actually going to go through and give each week a theme so that we have even more direction. I think it is going to be a lot of fun and I’m looking forward to the Summer.

In my video I also talked about these calendars and chore charts that my son loves from Melissa and Doug.

Planning for Summer

You can get the calendar here and the chore chart, here.

I hope that you got some great ideas to get you planning for Summer from this post. Be sure to follow along on our adventures over on Instagram!

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