Printable Christmas 5 Seconds Game

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This free printable Christmas 5 Seconds game is so much fun! The 5 second rule game is such a fun game, and this Christmas edition is the perfect game to have some holiday fun. It contains 36 pre-filled cards, plus 9 blank cards you can print and write your own challenges on. We love playing fun games for the whole family during the holiday season, and this one is a great game for kids and adults alike.

Printable Christmas 5 Seconds Game

How to Download the Printable Christmas 5 Seconds Game

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How to Play the 5 Seconds Game

1. Pick someone to go first. You can do as many rounds as you like, but with larger groups, each round takes longer, whereas with smaller groups, rounds go by faster. The first person is in the hot seat.

2. The person seated to the left of the first person draws a card and reads it aloud. The first person has to give their answer, and if you really want it to be competitive, set a timer for 5 seconds and see if they can name the 3 things that quickly. If they do, they get one point, so use a piece of paper to keep score.

3. If the person doesn’t name 3 things within the time period, play moves to the right, and the next person gets the chance to answer that card, but they have to give all new answers, they can’t reuse any that the previous person gave. Play continues until someone is able to name the 3 things and score a point. If the card makes it all the way around with no one being able to answer, the original first player gets a point.

4. For the next round, the person to the right of the first player becomes the next to try and answer the next card. The previous player reads their card.

5. Play through the decided number of rounds, and the player with the most points wins.

How to Print the 5 Seconds Game Cards

You’ll want to use thick paper, like cardstock to print your cards. You could even laminate them for extra durability.

This Christmas 5 Seconds Game is a great conversation starter for any party, or a way to add a little fun to Christmas dinner. All you need is your cards printed and you have the perfect way to get everyone interacting and having a great time at your Christmas party. It is a great way to spend time with your family and friends during your holiday gathering. We love printable games- they are perfect for family, friends, or even large groups, like a work or office party.

Printable Christmas 5 Seconds Game

These cards are for personal use only, but you can download and print as often as you need.

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