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Fun Fishy Slime for Kids

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Hey, ya’ll! Summer is still going strong at our house. It will be time to start sharing Fall fun, soon, but for today we’ve got a fun Fishy slime for kids. My 2 year old absolutely loved this slime. He’s finally past the stage of putting every single thing in his mouth, so I felt comfortable letting him play with these fun fishy buttons with the slime, while supervised. He loved it, he just kept saying “fishy, fishy, fishy,” and it was just adorable how much he enjoyed playing with it.

To make this slime, here’s what you’ll need.

To make the slime-

  • Pour 4 oz. of the glue into a bowl, and stir in baking soda.
  • Add contact solution and stir until slime begins to form.
  • You may need to work the slime by hand to distribute the contact solution throughout.
  • If your slime is too sticky, just add more solution.

This is our tried and true slime recipe, we have made it tons of times. I like using the glitter glue, or the clear glue with glitter to get any custom glittered color you want or even the white glue with gel food coloring to get any sort of color you want. This recipe is pretty versatile, and really hard to mess up. This is also a great way to get your kiddos practice with measuring ingredients and stirring. My 5-year-old loves the whole process of making the slime.

Some slime mix-ins I like to use include glitter, plastic confetti, beads, pom poms, buttons, and more. Pair this slime activity with some fun fishy- themed books. Here are a few great options- be sure to check the library for these or just grab them right off Amazon to add to your collection.

My 2 year old just loved pushing the fish into the slime, then plucking them back out. This is also a great way to practice early counting.

Slime is always a winner at our house, and we literally make it at least once a week. They loved this version. What other slimes would you like to see us create? Share in the comments below and I’ll see what we can come up with!

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