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One thing that has saved my sanity more so than ever during this COVID “quarantine” with my kids being at home has been getting them into a routine and on a schedule. I did this before, to an extent, but now that my youngest is almost 5, it is working so well to have them a schedule to look at. This visual daily planner for kids is such a great idea, and you can put it on the side of the refrigerator, or on a clipboard, so that your child can reference it whenever they need. It has pictures to accompany the tasks, so this works even for kids who aren’t reading age, yet. Also, if you are looking for a more traditional planner for older kids, be sure to check out my review on the Erin Condren Kids planner.

visual daily planner for kids

How to make a visual daily planner for kids-

To make this daily planner for your kids, just sign up for my email list to download the free printable, then you can print out the schedule pages, and the cards, laminate, and have your own daily schedule that will withstand some rough kiddos. I used glue dots to put ours together, but I’d highly recommend velcro, so that each day you can adjust the schedule as needed. This is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and even my school age son loves it.

customizable schedule cards for kids

The download comes with two schedule options- a single page that has morning, afternoon, and night, or separate schedule pages for morning/afternoon/night.

printable schedule for kids

Then, I went through these activity cards carefully making sure there were plenty of options and duplicates of the ones needed, like brushing teeth, snack time, etc…

daily routine cards for kids

I feel like everything is included here- from basic self-care tasks for kids to sports practices, pet care, and more. Plus, there are also blank cards to create your own options.

How to assemble your schedule

printable daily schedule cards for kids

To create your laminated schedule, you’ll need a printer with ink, printer paper, and a laminator and laminating pouches. It took me a while to cut out the cards but I just think that the durability you get from laminating it is so worth it.

Once you have your schedule all laminated, you are ready to add your cards to your schedule and make your routine. I recommend using adhesive dots, or even “velcro” dots to attach your tasks. While ours are hanging on the refrigerator, a clipboard is also a great idea, especially one with storage to store the extra task cards that aren’t being used that day.

Here’s how our schedules looked, with my 4 year old’s schedule being the first one you see.

daily visual planner for kids

I even used a little dry erase marker to add in some times so he would have an idea of when different tasks started, that way he’s not asking “is it time for lunch?” 100 times a day. For their chore charts, we use this chore chart printable from The Incremental Mama.

I hope that this post is helpful and inspires you to create your own DIY visual daily planner for your kids. It has helped me so much as a busy work at home mama to have them on a routine so that they know when to do what and what to expect, what’s coming up next, etc…

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