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St. Patrick’s Day Playdough

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We have more St. Patrick’s Day fun to share today. I whipped up this fun and glittery St. Patrick’s Day Playdough for my boys the other day and they loved it. I can see us doing more of these easy playdough recipes in the future. We made this even more fun with some Shamrock cookie cutters, and of course they love using their own playdough tools, as well.

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Here’s what you’ll need to make this dough:

Then, here’s how you’ll make it:

  • In a large pot, combine flour, salt, oil, cream of tartar, and water, mix well with a whisk.
  • Add a couple of drops of gel food coloring and mix well.
  • Cook on medium-low heat, stirring constantly.
  • Playdough will begin to thicken and eventually form a thick ball of dough.
  • Pour your dough onto a surface to cool.
  • Once cool, knead your dough.
  • If it is still sticky, add a little extra flour and knead it in.
  • Add glitter a little at a time to your dough and knead to mix it through.
  • Enjoy!

Slime and playdough have to be my boys’ favorite things to make and play with. To add even more fun, add some fun playdough tools and extras.

You can always add more to any activity with some fun books, too. Here are some of our favorites for St. Patrick’s Day:

After you make this dough, set up a fun St. Patrick’s Day Playdough Tray!

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