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School Lunch Ideas Printable

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I can’t believe my son is starting Kindergarten- tomorrow! We haven’t fully decided on the buying vs. packing debate, but I figure while he’s getting used to going to school and navigating this new experience, having a packed lunch with food he likes will be like bringing a piece of home along with him. I know that people pack vs. buy for many different reasons. If we do continue to pack, it’s most likely because of the health aspect of knowing what he’s eating each day. Lunch isn’t terribly expensive at our school, so I’ll probably end up letting him buy a day or two each week if there’s something he really likes or really wants to try. But, for now, we are packing. I knew I didn’t want to send him with sandwiches every day, so I have been on the hunt for all of the school lunch ideas, and ways to vary up what I send with him. I wanted to make myself something to print and keep in the kitchen to refer to when I’m just out of lunch inspiration, which will probably be after about the first week of school, haha! 

School Lunch Ideas Printable

Many many sources I came across recommended these lunch containers and a supply of silicone muffin liners for lunch packing. I did learn that those containers don’t fit in my son’s current two compartment lunch box, but he has one that came with his backpack that works perfectly, and I was wanting to get him a lunch box that didn’t have the two compartments anyway, so it all works out.

I keep my zone cleaning checklists on a clipboard next to my refrigerator, and now I’m keeping these ideas and the lunch menu there, too. This way I can refer to it when I’m packing or planning lunches for the week. I hope to create another monthly printable for actually planning out lunches with a little variety to share with you guys next week, so check back for that.

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I am really even hoping to set up a lunch packing station so that I can put together my son’s main choice for the day, and then he can grab the snacks, fruit, veggies, etc… to finish packing his lunch, but that will probably start later on this school year once we get into the swing of things. He definitely loves independence and will really be into packing his own lunch.

School Lunch Ideas Printable

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