School Lunch Planner Printable

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Hey, ya’ll! I promised in my post about school lunch ideas that I’d have a school lunch planner printable available soon, and it is here! I created this mostly so that I can plan a variety of lunches for my son so that he doesn’t get burnt out on the same old foods all the time. Okay, so let’s get into the printable.

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I’ve divided it up M-F, and included enough spaces to do a month’s worth of lunch ideas. Here’s a look at how I’ll use this printable-

You can see I’ve also got space to plan out a couple of side dishes or snacks, too. This will be super helpful if you are planning your grocery trip and you want to pick up some extra lunch supplies. You can plan lunches and save some money by just buying what you’ll need. We love stocking up on lunch essentials at Costco! If you do once a month Costco trips like us, this is perfect.

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