Traditional Irish Food for St. Patrick’s Day

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I love getting festive for holidays, learning about traditions, and creating fun recipes and activities for my family to celebrate. Today I’m sharing some traditional Irish food recipes from some of my favorite bloggers. Full disclosure I am not Irish, and if I do have an Irish heritage it is long since passed. However, these recipes are super festive and lean closely to traditional Irish recipes that you can create in your own home.

Traditional Irish Food for St. Patrick's Day

There are some great St. Patrick’s Day dinner ideas, some Irish Soda Bread and even a yummy Irish dessert idea that you can make. Let us know in the comments which traditional Irish food recipes you’d like to try, and also don’t forget to head over and visit these wonderful bloggers and let them know you’ve tried their recipes!

I hope you found some wonderful recipes to try this year. Be sure to subscribe to my email for even more great recipes and ways to celebrate all year long!

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